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Brad Conradie

Reaching ones peak I understand is never a reality as one grows, learns and evolves. Of course one can strive to create perfection in the present moment, and that is what I try and do with each tattoo or art piece.

my story

My Story

After having done my first tattoo in 2009, I knew this would be my life’s creative journey. Self taught and with no clear vision of where I wanted to go with my tattooing career, I explored most forms and styles.

Co-creating tattoos for people yearning for a visual narrative to celebrate their journeys, mark a ritual, tell a story or remember an important experience has allowed me to realize that tattoos hold power and become part of their life story. Ultimately tattooing is body modification that makes sense of identity.

Taking what I’ve experienced in life and what I visually see on a daily basis, I am allowing myself to capture a unique style that enlivens body, mind and soul. My goal is to share this universal connection with others in the form of paying homage to the history and culture of tattooing.

Although I enjoy tattooing most styles, the appeal of Japanese arts captivated my heart many years ago. A fascination with timeless Japanese storytelling has been my obsession. I’m enthralled by myths, icons and symbols — an attraction that has only intensified during my career.

I grew up in Zimbabwe where beauty and humbleness vibrates at its core. There are many stories and legends longing to be told through art that come from African countries. Who knows, maybe African storytelling could be expressed through Japanese art styles?

This is where I am presently in my tattooing journey, alongside creating paintings and artworks in my present state of mind.

Eager to see how my journey unfolds…

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