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My Story

Welcome to my world of tattooing, where creativity intertwines with personal stories and transformative art. With over a decade of experience in the industry, I have explored a wide range of tattoo styles, delving into the vast realm of self-expression.

Having embarked on this artistic journey in 2009, I quickly realised that tattooing would become the driving force in my life. As a self-taught artist that grew up in Zimbabwe, I allowed my passion to guide me through various forms and styles, honing my skills along the way.

Working closely with individuals seeking visual narratives to commemorate their unique journeys, rituals, stories, and significant experiences, I’ve come to understand the profound power that tattoos hold. They become an integral part of their life stories, serving as a meaningful form of body modification and self-identity.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse array of life experiences and the world around me, I have developed a distinctive style that breathes life into body, mind, and soul. I find great joy in working on large-scale pieces, encompassing a range of artistic expressions, from black and grey realism to bold geometric designs, utilising the principles I’ve learned from various traditional and current art forms.

The attention to detail, flow, boldness, and limited colour palette that characterise the look and feel of Japanese tattoos, influence my approach to all tattoos. By embracing the essence of these art forms, I strive to create captivating tattoos that leave a lasting impression.

Now based in Johannesburg, I am excited to embark on the next chapter of my tattooing journey. In addition to creating captivating tattoos, I also channel my creativity into paintings and artworks that reflect my present state of mind.

Join me as we explore the universal connection that tattoos bring!

I look forward to the unfolding of this remarkable journey, eager to etch new chapters of artistry and self-expression onto the human canvas.

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